Know Your Worth

The older I get the more I realize what I really deserve in life. You should always be humble and kind but know when not to take shit from anyone. There’s always a time where you need to put your foot down or you’ll never be happy. Stop trying to please others and don’t let them step all over you. The right people will stay in your life and the wrong ones won’t last. Don’t chase after them. The hardest thing to do is watch someone you want in your life walk away but it will be worth it in the end. They don’t belong in your life for a reason. All you gotta do is better yourself everyday to make those people (friends/exes/family) wish they kept you close. I believe that if someone never gave you a chance in the first place then they don’t deserve you at all. Work on yourself. That’s when I started to see things fall into place. I must say that I am in a good place in life right now but that doesn’t mean I will stop there. I will continue to improve myself physically, emotionally, and mentally everyday. Don’t give up or give into any negativity. Positivity and confidence is the key. Know your worth!

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